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LeBron James’ Latest Comments Prove How Truly Unfazed He Is by Houston Rockets

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By getting by the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 7 of their first-round playoff series on Wednesday, the Houston Rockets have earned themselves a second-round date with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Lakers superstar LeBron James explained why he’s unfazed by the Rockets’ unorthodox lineup and style of play.

Coached by Mike D’Antoni, the Rockets likely see themselves as the latest iteration in the evolution of pro basketball. Not only do they play fast, but about half of their shots are taken from 3-point range.

At midseason, they doubled down on this philosophy by jettisoning center Clint Capela in a four-team trade that netted them Robert Covington and Jordan Bell, two undersized big men.

The downside to the Rockets’ style and unusually undersized roster is that they’re vulnerable on the boards, which can make it hard for them to ignite their running game.

Despite its reputation as a 3-point shooting team, Houston actually ranked 24th in 3-point shooting percentage during the regular season. This means it’s prone to cold streaks from downtown, and those long rebounds can be high octane fuel for the Lakers’ own transition attack.