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LeBron Tells Reporter ‘I Don’t F—— Know’ When Asked Why Kawhi Chose Clippers Over Lakers

LeBron James Reporter

The Los Angeles Lakers are set to start their 2019-20 season Tuesday night against the Los Angeles Clippers.

One player that some thought was destined to play in Staples Center donning the Purple and Gold was Kawhi Leonard. That is, of course, until he decided to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers back in July.

With the clock ticking down to Tuesday night’s tipoff, Lakers star LeBron James had a fairly blunt response when one reporter asked him why he thinks Leonard chose to join the Clippers over the Lakers.

“How the hell can I answer that?” James said. “I don’t f—— know. I don’t know. I don’t know. Ask Kawhi.”

James kept his answer short and sweet, and while it’s unlikely the question deeply bothered the four-time MVP, it’s clear through his response that he’s tired of the offseason narratives.

Luckily for him, the Lakers start their long campaign against their cross-town rivals on Tuesday night.

While both teams are already dealing with injuries to their roster, Tuesday night’s game will surely offer a flurry of early-season storylines for James, fans and the rest of the basketball world to digest.