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Jason Kidd Says LeBron James Has Been Working on New Free-Throw Technique

LeBron James Free Throws

Part of being the best is constantly striving to get better. That’s something that LeBron James has exemplified throughout his storied NBA career.

In a recent SI.com article from Melissa Rohlin, James’ basketball brilliance was broken down by those who know him and his game best.

One such example of James’ constant pursuit of perfection was broken down by Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Jason Kidd.

“As you can see, his free throws right now, he’s gone back more closer to his high school free throw and he’s shooting over 80 percent since he’s done that,” Kidd said. “He’s always searching to get better and is there a way to fix something. And that was probably one of the things in his game that he needed to work on.”

The level of attention to detail is simply astounding, but fans have come to expect nothing less from James throughout the years.

When it comes to his free-throw shooting, it is one of the aspects of James’ game that probably could use some improvement.

Despite the recent uptick in success, James is still averaging just 69.7 percent shooting from the line this season. Interestingly, he is attempting the least amount of free throws per game in his career this season.

His 5.7 attempts per game are just slightly lower than the 5.8 attempts per game he averaged back in his rookie year.

Once the NBA gets started up again, it will be interesting to see how James’ free-throw shooting fares. After all, with the 2019-20 season currently on pause, James has more than enough time to work on his form.