Anthony Davis Surprised by LeBron James’ Selflessness: ‘He Really Cares About His Teammates’

Omar Guerrero
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Anthony Davis and LeBron James have only been Los Angeles Lakers teammates for 14 regular season games, so it’s no shock that they’re still learning new things about one another.

As the two superstars continue to get to know one another on and off the court, Davis recently admitted that he was not expecting James to be as concerned as he is about the success of his teammates.

Davis revealed some of his thoughts on James in an interview with Bill Difilippo of

“It’s really how selfless he is,” Davis said about the thing that surprised him most while playing with James on a daily basis. “Bron really wants to get other guys involved, he don’t really take that many shots unless he has to — sometimes, he takes one or two shots in a whole quarter, trying to get other guys involved. You don’t really see that … you see it when you’re not on the team, but to be in it and to see that he really cares about his teammates and wants everyone to be better around him, it’s something that definitely surprised me.”

James’ selflessness is on full display this season as the 15-time All-Star is currently leading the entire NBA in assists with 11.1 dimes per contest. It would be his first time as the league leader in the category if he nabbed the assists crown this season

Fans and critics alike have been surprised by how harmonious James and Davis have been playing as first-time teammates. During his previous stops with the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers, James had always needed an adjustment period with his fellow superstars before things ultimately fell into place.

Not so with Davis, as James appears to have a natural synergistic relationship with the 6-foot-10 star.

The Lakers are one of the favorites to win the title this season. As long as Davis and James keep clicking, there’s little doubt that Los Angeles has a great chance of achieving its ultimate goal.

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